About us


M.C.2 is a young and innovative company, led by a father-and-son team. Traditional process improvement and constant innovation, especially for the food industry, are the key business ideas behind our company.

All our products are certified, engineered from our original ideas and only marketed after accurate product testing.

Our main goal is to keep experimenting with new ideas, in order to expand into new, wider and stronger market areas.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are the pillars of our business, key values that go hand-in-hand, like two sides of the same coin.
Innovation always stems from an idea: it’s the idea that can be transformed into an innovative process or product. But...not all ideas were born equal! Creative ideas are the only winning ones.
This is why we strive to study and conceptualize unique ideas, tailored and functional to each individual sector, and bring them to life into efficient innovations that improve or simplify working processes.


For all our products we use certified stainless steel that meets the safety requirements for culinary and sanitary fabrication and use, according to the UNI EN ISO 3651-2 norm.
This norm establishes compliance to intergranular corrosion resistance of stainless steels.

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