Zac is a revolutionary cutting tool, a useful help in every kitchen. Zac was primarily created to help cut “bruschetta” bread: with just a simple flick of the wrist, a full bruschetta is cut into slices. Zac can be used to slice many other types of food preparations, beside bruschetta, such as sushi, "polenta”, tomatoes, and much more! The width of the slices can be adjusted thanks to a simple system of blades adjustment and replacement. Zac is 100% stainless steel, food-grade certified, and has a safety system to prevent blades from accidentally falling. Zac is completely dishwasher-safe. The packaging includes Zac box, a cloth to easily clean the blades, and a second box with extra divider accessories, specific to cut smaller food items, or round vegetables like cherry tomatoes. Zac can be fully personalized, upon request, with your company name or logo.

Oplà revolutionizes the concept of grilling. Oplà lets you grill your food without needing to ever adjust it manually, thanks to the rotating racks system. The rack's design allows for a 360° rotation of the two half-racks; the rotation can be stopped at a 90° angle, to achieve the perfect cooking of T-bone steaks, and thicker cuts of meat. Operating the racks is very easy and intuitive. Moreover, it is always possible to shift the grates while using the grill, to move the coal and hence ensure the optimal cooking of food. Oplà is 100% stainless steel, food-grade certified.

Hello a new way to serve breakfast options to your clients! Hello is 100% stainless steel, dishwasher-safe. Hello allows you to use a single product to serve breakfast pastries and coffee, without the need to use additional side dishes or trays Hello has also a slotted upper side handle, that can fit a spoon. Hello can be fully personalized, upon request, with your company name or logo.

Cover is an innovative solution for the healthcare settings. Cover is a useful tool for the medical sector, that can help preventing air contamination from medical waste in sterile environments. It finds its ideal collocation in every clinic, hospital, doctor’s or dentist’s surgery. Cover minimizes contact with pathogens, also keeping the waste bin content hidden to the patient. Its shape and dimensions make Cover the perfect product to avoid seeing and/or coming into contact with those single-use products like gauzes, band-aids and all such dressing aids that need to be disposed of as special waste. Cover is 100% stainless steel; it is washable and can be sterilized without causing any modification to its mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

Sprint is the perfect tool for cutting any type of cheese. Sprint was created to meet the needs of dairies and cheese mongers to be able to cut every kind of cheese, from soft to hard ones, virtually effortlessly. With Sprint, you can cut any cheese just by pressing with both hands on the upper side of the cutting tool. The blade will do the rest. Thanks to its special design, Sprint allows to cut the smaller cheeses, like Pecorino cheese, directly, without portioning the whole wheel beforehand. For bigger cheese wheels or blocks, it is necessary to work with smaller blocks or wedges, pre-cut from the original wheel, but then the cutting of the desired cheese slice will then be easy and accomplished with just a simple flick of the wrist. After each cutting operation, Sprint will stop in a locked position, and only the operator will be able control the return of the blade to the open position. The return of the blade to the open position - work position - is nonetheless fully automated, and doesn’t require the manual intervention of the operator. Sprint is made of hypoallergenic material for food applications, it is dishwasher-safe and will retain its original characteristics even after many washing cycles.

Tired of always changing brewing results and coffee taste? Ciak can help you! Ciak is a mechanical tamper that applies a constant pressure to the ground coffee in the portafilter, for a perfectly homogeneous distribution. This procedures ensures that every shot is prepared with the same parameters, and your customers can enjoy the perfect taste of freshly brewed espresso, every time. Ciak can be used with any model of espresso machine on the market, and it’s extremely easy to install. Thanks to its high-quality material, Ciak is dishwasher-safe, and will always look as good and shiny as new!