Sprint is the perfect tool for cutting any type of cheese.

Sprint was created to meet the needs of dairies and cheese mongers to be able to cut every kind of cheese, from soft to hard ones, virtually effortlessly.
With Sprint, you can cut any cheese just by pressing with both hands on the upper side of the cutting tool.
The blade will do the rest.
Thanks to its special design, Sprint allows to cut the smaller cheeses, like Pecorino cheese, directly, without portioning the whole wheel beforehand. For bigger cheese wheels or blocks, it is necessary to work with smaller blocks or wedges, pre-cut from the original wheel, but then the cutting of the desired cheese slice will then be easy and accomplished with just a simple flick of the wrist.
After each cutting operation, Sprint will stop in a locked position, and only the operator will be able control the return of the blade to the open position.
The return of the blade to the open position - work position - is nonetheless fully automated, and doesn’t require the manual intervention of the operator.
Sprint is made of hypoallergenic material for food applications, it is dishwasher-safe and will retain its original characteristics even after many washing cycles.
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