Zac is a revolutionary cutting tool, a useful help in every kitchen.

Zac was primarily created to help cut “bruschetta” bread: with just a simple flick of the wrist, a full bruschetta is cut into slices.
Zac can be used to slice many other types of food preparations, beside bruschetta, such as sushi, "polenta”, tomatoes, and much more!
The width of the slices can be adjusted thanks to a simple system of blades adjustment and replacement.
Zac is 100% stainless steel, food-grade certified, and has a safety system to prevent blades from accidentally falling.
Zac is completely dishwasher-safe.
The packaging includes Zac box, a cloth to easily clean the blades, and a second box with extra divider accessories, specific to cut smaller food items, or round vegetables like cherry tomatoes.
Zac can be fully personalized, upon request, with your company name or logo.
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